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    Biography: Mike has 25 years’ experience in Silicon Valley. After working directly for Andy Grove at Intel and as general manager of the Intel Inside program, he moved to Facebook to serve as Head of Global Business Marketing. During his nearly seven years there, the teams he built helped dramatically grow the advertising business. He is now a Silicon Valley–based entrepreneur-in-residence at XSeed Capital, startup advisor and author.

  • Becoming Facebook

    Amazon Kindle EDITION March 23
    hardcover and AUDIoBOok April 6

    The insider coming-of-age story of the seven years that turned Facebook from also-ran into $300 billion juggernaut. The 10 challenges that defined the company and the products that are on the horizon.


    "...fascinating and informative--really, a must read."

    -- Geoffrey Moore, author of Crossing the Chasm


    "...reveals how Facebook has become so important."

    -- Marc Pritchard, Chief Brand Officer at Procter & Gamble


    "A captivating insider's view..."

    -- Ann Lewnes, CMO at Adobe


    "There's a lot to discover in this insider's perspective. I certainly did."

    -- Dennis Carter, former CMO at Intel, father of Intel Inside


    "Everyone from experienced leaders in large organizations
    to aspiring operators and entrepreneurs will gain insight."

    -- Robert Siegel, Stanford Graduate School of Business


    "...Facebook changes the way we see the world.
     Knowing how may help you do the same."

    -- Gokul Rajaram, father of Google AdSense

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    Television's skinny bundle will happen, but it won't be very skinny and it won't feel like a bundle. Say hello to the $99 jukebot.

    May 2016

    Or autonomy, or access-vs-ownership. As we're increasingly relieved of managing the car, it will be about in-cabin experience.

    April 2016

    With each of the six biggest global consumer technology companies now deeply invested and feverishly in development, VR/AR has become too big to fail

    February 2016


    Will Tesla’s navigation from near-bankruptcy to becoming the first new public American car company started in nearly a hundred years end with Model 3?


    September 2015 [also on Medium]

    If the Clever-Foolish 2x2 is Silicon Valley’s strategic playbook, here is how Facebook has employed it in the past, and will employ it long into the future

    August 2015 [also on Medium]

    Introducing the Clever-Foolish 2x2, a strategic tool to understand Silicon Valley-style innovation and the companies that use it best (Amazon, Netflix, Google, Facebook, Uber and Dollar Shave Club)

    August 2015 [also on Medium]

    We're heading towards Silicon Valley's fourth wave, and it will make us truly mobile just in time for its 50th anniversary in 2027

    July 2015

    Longer version of the VentureBeat piece on Silicon Valley cycles with more background

    July 2015

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